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Thinking About How To Improve Your Leadership?

Ever thought How Can I Improve My Leadership? Here are 2 Ways To Consider With Us…..

Have you been thinking about more deeply exploring your leadership style and approach?

If you’re ready to get some pointers and really understand how you come across to those around you?  Keep reading.

Perhaps you’re wanting to increase your capacity and self awareness so you can get more accomplished in your company? .

Or maybe you’re looking for some nuances and refinements from an external party.

If you are looking for support or you’ve had some feedback on a specific aspect of your leadership style? Our Intercept One on One Leadership Programs are for you.

Are you someone who quests constantly and is looking at ways and means to improve and enhance their effect? Do you accept that the success of your unit or business or division is a reflection of you?

Maybe there’s nothing even wrong, you’re simply eager to learn more about yourself and to explore your own impact on others.

If you’ve said yes to any these ideas, then you will most certainly enjoy learning about our programs.

Choose from either or 12 month experience  or 6 month experience

How Our Leadership Development Programs Are Structured 

At Intercept, We have a 5 STAGE Process that we guide you through. All of our programs use our constant improvement model we refer to as our  5 STAR Leadership & Team Success Platform. 

To See Structure of 12 Month Program Download Here Executive Program Outline

To See Structure of 6 Month Program Download Here ID Program Outline

These programs are private one on one experiences with a solid framework to organize the space for you to free flow, explore and grow. The context is always improving your leadership.

                   Intercept Programs are delivered in combination of in person, phone and using video conferencing.

The specific outcomes you’re going for are entirely up to you.

Some examples of outcomes may be stronger team alignment, next level influence skills, presenting more powerfully or supporting you as you re-organize your team, and your business.

You may want to become stronger in meetings, have better communication or learn how to take your strategy to the business and execute flawlessly.

Whatever goals you are going for, our role is to help you clarify what you are creating for yourself, your team and your business. Then walk with you through one step at a time as you move forward.

Over 12 Months– You Can Transform Your Leadership & Execution Style

Over 6 Months – You Can Develop Your Influence & Impact 

We understand  how busy the executive’s schedule is and works to accommodate travel and heavy meeting schedules.  Self reflection becomes a key learning pillar, as you learn models to your own thinking, and so the space between sessions becomes a part of the experience. For those who prefer not to cram all the learning into one occasion, this ensures you really get the chance to soak in the learning, integrate it into your style and approach.


What if the way you were communicating was alienating one of your team? What if you were not fully engaging your people? What if you were the cause of bad results and poor performance due to bottle necking the business? What if the board were not impressed with your presentation style?

What if your team were not contributing the way you’d like them to? These are the types of challenges and situations we work on with our Leadership clients every single day. Whether it’s Leadership, Communication, Strategy, Models, Succession, Coaching or Mentoring Skill or The Way You Read the dynamics in a meeting? We get to address all these types of matters in our 5 STAGE Process.

Strategy Call or Request For More Information 

We’d love to share more with you about our Intercept Business Leadership Programs, our 5 STAGE Development Process and 5 STAR Model.

Or if you simply wish to speak with one of our team to see if this is a fit for you?

Please get in touch. We look forward to speak with you.

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