Live Events

Lead With Impact – 3 Hour Live Event 

Influential Leadership – 2 Day Live Event 

Intercept Experiences for Business Leaders, Business Owners, Team Leaders & Executives.

Looking for an edge in your influence, communication or leadership approach?

Eager to get more contribution or energy from your team members?

These live events are for you.

About Lead With Impact 

Lead With Impact is a 2.5-3 Hour Workshop deals with the 3 common mistakes most business leaders make that keep them frustrated with staff and tied to the business.

Our workshop reveals models that remedy these common problems and help you clearly and simply get more out of your people, your day and your business.

As a result of learning these models, we have clients who are taking long breaks, have more freedom of choice and a team they truly trust.

Once you learn this thinking, you have new pathways and perspectives on your impact and how you lead.

About Influential Leadership 2 Day Live Event

Influential Leadership is a 2 Day Experience that supports leaders to hone their influence skill.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between those who get what they want and those that  don’t?

The answer is Influence.

We believe that you cannot move others unless you are moved or inspired yourself. Today, working in organic, remote and swarm environments influence is a skill required to get your work done.   We can no longer rely on title or position to demand actions from others. Influence through informal settings is the number 1 skill and is a priority to develop.

At this 2 day you will rekindle your spark and what inspires you, and in doing so renew your ability to influence and move others whether they formally report to you or not.

This is a spectacular experience that appeals to leaders who quest for an edge.

Our promise is to open your eyes to the way you can better lead and influence others every single day and give you skills in improve your rate of influence.

Designed for business leaders, owners, team leaders and executives. You will learn how to communicate in a way that activates, energizes and inspires.  You will also earn how to activate the A-Game in your people and to align the energy of your team, with the direction of your vision. This is the essence of execution and getting things done through others. The art of moving others whether they report to you or not, is what we teach at Influential Leadership.

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