Free Strategy Call

Perhaps you’ve heard of Intercept and our work in improving leadership skills?

Perhaps you’ve been to one of our events or seen one of our team Intercept peak?

Maybe you’ve been asked to look more into what we do and how we do it.

At Intercept we’re all about fit. We want to ensure that our leadership programs are a fit for those we work with. We strategise and partner on the  best approach and how we can serve and support leadership development.

The way we do that is to have what we call a  “Next Best Leadership Move Strategy Call” 

The idea is we have a call and share in the investment of time and space together. This is an exploration designed to support you in gaining clarity.

The clarity may be inquiring about yourself, your team, a current challenge or exploring options to do with all things leadership. This may or may not result in you or your business working with us.

Think of it more as a discovery session for developing yourself or your plans.

The value of the session is $497. 

We offer this as a complimentary experience for those in leadership roles who are open and willing and looking for support in clarifying their next best leadership move.

Here are some of the reasons people have strategy sessions with us:-

In transition from one role to another.

Been offered an opportunity, and unclear on whether to take it.

Sounding board time to do with organisational restructure.

Need support in a difficult discussion that must take place.

Want to understand options for leadership development on a personal level.

Wish to understand how our live events work.

Are looking at the best strategy to grow their team.

Want to develop themselves, unclear on where to invest.

Looking for support after receiving development feedback on their leadership style.

Heard about us and are curious.

Saw us speak or deliver a talk.

However you’ve come to us, feel free to connect. There is no obligation for a call with us. We will speak with you no matter where you are in the world.

 Get in-touch here.

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