6 Month Leadership Program

About Our 6 Month Leadership Development Program

INFLUENCE & IMPACT  – 6 Month Individual Development Leadership Experience

Who is this program for?

You are in a leadership role. Either a department, unit, team, or business. You spot opportunity for yourself to develop or you’ve had some opportunities pointed out to you. You are a Managing Director, General Manager, Sales Leader, Operations, President, or Vice President, regardless you are open and willing. You accept the success of your business is a reflection of you. You own your approach are ready to learn and you are ready for some refinements to improve your leadership and your influence and impact on your environment.  

What does it do?

This 6 month Intercept Experience, creates specific learning time and space for you to self reflect and review yourself in the light of specific leadership traits, behaviour and approaches that are key for high performance leadership & strong results. 

How does it work?

The beginning of the program is about self reflection, understanding your role models, where you’ve come from, how you present to the world. You get to review what’s working for you in your leadership and what’s not. Then we set you up with some models that will help us to really show you short cuts on how to get more out of yourself and others. Then the guided sessions commence. At the beginning of the program we have you go online and complete our Intercept Online Leadership Review. This reviews 36 key leadership traits critical for your success as a leader. They are principles that you measure yourself on. These are key for success, leadership, influence, mentoring, being a strong leader and teacher.  From this review, you get to select the specific areas you wish to zoom in on and improve upon. Our structure and measurement provides a framework for you to grow from.

How does it help my business?

Because you have selected these areas to work on and improve yourself, there will be a strong correlation between your own development and improvements in the way you show up in the company and the way the business performs.  

You can decide on an objective you like to work on, that is completely up to you.

From overcoming communication challenges to improving clarity of vision, to sounding board time, navigating challenging people dynamics. Becoming a more strategic thinker, presenting better, presenting to the board, influencing your team, engaging your team.

Whatever your objectives, we ask all our clients “Do you accept the success of your business is a reflection of you?” And if you say yes, the following example will make more sense.

Here’s a Sample Scenario – Issue is that there is procrastination in communication, problem solving and decision making. Some emotional charge between a couple of your team members. Here’s how you may be influencing and impacting this.

For instance, if in the past you listened to problems of those in your team however were not strong on handling conflict, you may have sat on the information or situation rather than done anything with it in a speedy way.

The Intercept process will show you how to navigate such situations.   The source issue may be that you have developed some beliefs about conflict and confrontation. As such, you interpret problems as potential conflict and as such, fail to deal with things swiftly or productively.  By identifying this blind spot we work with you to clear the limiting belief, and develop new ways to approach these situations.

The business may have suffered from procrastination from you in the past when dealing  with conflict, and now you have intercepted this at it’s source, it no longer affects your day in the same way. You make decisions faster, handle things more smoothly and keep work process’ flowing now. Emails are shorter, calls are returned faster and meetings with these team members are shorter and no longer labored.

Download Sample ID Program Outline Here

Who else has experienced this program?

Here are some brands and leaders within them who have experienced the Intercept ID Program. 711, Allison Monkhouse, Bartercard International, Cummins, Diadem, Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs, Freightliner,  Henley Properties, Jani King, LCR Group, Mercedes-Benz, MTU-Detroit Diesel, New Balance, Outokumpu, Riviera, Terex, Zaraffas Coffee, Zilzie Wines.  

Curious About Costings? 

This program is available as a sponsored and self initiated program. Pricing is subject to application. We look forward to exploring your specific needs. Please contact us to explore fit or try a “Next Best Leadership Move” Strategy Call.

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