5 STAR Model

What is the Intercept 5 STAR Model for Leadership & Team Success?

We developed the 5 STAR Model to help you improve your leadership. Our goal with all our models is to keep things simple for you.

The Intercept 5 STAR Leadership & Team Success Platform is easy to remember and makes a lot of sense when it comes to constantly improving your leadership.

At anytime, to improve your leadership there are 5 specific elements of your environment to review.

Why Is It Important? 

The goal for constant improvement is to keep working with this model, moving through each element ensures you are improving.

When you move through the model you have a well rounded all rounded leadership approach.

How Does It Help? 

This means your reputation goes up, you become the go to person, your confidence increases, as does your team’s trust and alignment to you and your vision. Your ability to communicate becomes clearer and your ability to read dynamics is heightened.

Following this model is like an upwards self awareness spiral. You increase in your self knowledge and this improves your speed to notice what needs attention in your environment.

How Does It Work?

To learn more about the 5 STAR Leadership and Team Success Platform, come to Influential Leadership or Build Your Dream Team. Or Contact Us. The key is that it underpins all our work weather one on one or group.

5 = You  | What improvements  do I focus on?

S= Succession | Who am I developing and bringing up?

T = Team Dynamics | How are my team dynamics? What’s working? Where are the gaps?

A = Approach | Are we mentoring or coaching and supporting? Are we demanding and expecting?

R = Read | What is my read on morale? Mood? What can be done to uplift if anything?

You look at one of these each week and keep cycling all year. Constant improvement platform.

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