5 STAGE Development Process

What is the Intercept 5 STAGE Development Process? 

At Intercept Experience, we have created a 5 stage step by step process sequenced in a specific way to optimize your learning.  This has been tried and tested and evolved from client feedback and achieving fast lasting results over the past 20 years.

Before any of us can build new knowledge or learn we must clear the site. The site is cleared before we build. Another analogy is emptying a glass before a refill, or unlearning before learning. One of the reasons traditional learning often fails to stick, is because people have no room. At Intercept we use amplified learning methods, based on human experiential learning models.

Our 5 STAGE Process ensures there is plenty of clearing before we fill you with new information.

S = Self Reflection | Our unique Online Self Review Profile get’s you reviewing and reflecting on 36 key leadership traits.  We identify where to improve and make a plan.

T = Telling Story | Our opportunity to hear your stories and understand how you became the leader you are today,

A = Access To Models | We share models that can be repeated, taught and easily applied and used in the real world. For you and your people. This ensures ‘Stickability’. This is our stickability promise.

G = Guided Sessions  | The one on one sessions are guided by topics, pre-selected as part of your improvement plan.

E = Evaluate | We re-sit the online self review and compare the before and after shots to see how you have shifted and grown. Measuring and Evaluating is key in our programs.

Whether the 12 Month or 6 Month Program, the 5 STAGE process is our framework to guide your improvement. We achieve outstanding results with open and willing clients.

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