12 Month Leadership Program

About Our 12  Month Leadership Transformation Experience & Executive Development Program

THE YOU EFFECT   – 12 Month Transformational Experience  

Who is this program for?

You are an executive with significant responsibility. You may be Managing Director, CEO, President, Vice President, Director of Operations, General Manager. You are in a senior role and you are responsible to your board as well as your team and stakeholders.  You are looking for a place to be supported confidentially, and you are seeking input and feedback about your thought processes, decision making, strategies and ideas. You enjoy exploring new pathways of thinking, innovating and constant improvement. You have decided to further develop your leadership capabilities. To explore how you can further improve and deepen your self knowledge. Your goal is to optimise your approach so you can get more from all you apply yourself to. You may have an MBA and other formal qualifications, however you’re looking for deeper insights into your personal approach, private vulnerabilities and strategies to overcome how you believe you may be holding yourself back. You have more to give and more to do, and you are looking at how to amplify your existing success, leverage your team and your opportunities as best you can. You are results oriented and love developing those around you starting with yourself. Always seeking opportunities to grow and learn. You may be the leader of your own organisation or a corporate executive, regardless the results you create you take seriously. You accept the statement that “The success of your business is a reflection of you”.  You are open and willing to learn and grow.  Your effect has become tangible. You now consciously own Your You Effect. And when asked, Do you believe that by your mere presence you can change the mood of a room, you respond with  a clear yes, owning your impact more fully.

What does it do?

This 12 month Intercept Experience, transforms your leadership and the way you execute your strategy. It creates specific learning time and space for you to self reflect and review yourself in the light of specific leadership traits, behaviours and approaches that are key for high performance, high impact  leadership. It also creates space for you to reflect on your team, your own approach, your strategy for succession, organisational dynamics, and your read on the interplay in all that occurs around you. It provides the opportunity for strategic thinking about you, your team and your business as you quest for the results of growth, expansion and or succession.  

How does it work?

We begin with a roundtable, setting up the intention for the full year working together. We identify what we wish to accomplish and why, and we clarify specific personal leadership style and business objectives.  Once we clarify and settle on what ‘success’ looks like for you, we begin.   We work through how you and your team and business are organised so we have a clear context. We learn about all the contributors and stakeholders in your world.

Once we have a clear overview of your business picture and  your team, we begin working on you.  

This program is all about refining and designing your effect on your world. What do you want to impact and influence, what do you wish to lead and transform?

Your YOU Effect

In the beginning it’s about self reflection, understanding your role models, where you’ve come from, how you present to the world.

You get to review what’s working for you in your leadership and what’s not. Then we set you up with some models that will help us to really show you short cuts on how to get more out of yourself and others.

Then the guided sessions commence. At the beginning of the program we have you go online and complete our Intercept Executive Online Leadership Review. This reviews 36 key leadership traits critical for your success as a leader.

They are principles that you measure yourself against. These are key for success, leadership, influence, mentoring, being a strong leader and teacher.  

From this review, you get to select the specific areas you wish to zoom in on and improve upon.

All of this is presented in a beautiful compendium that you keep all your program work inside. We supply intellectual property, models, worksheets and insights that you not only use on yourself, you can use with your team as you coach, mentor and develop them.

How does it help my business?

If you accept that the success of your business is a reflection of you then every improvement and enhancement you make to your approach benefits the business. As the leader you are modelled and copied. You set the tone, you set the culture. Your mood can change the outcome of a meeting. Once your self awareness becomes heightened, every session, every conversation results in you showing up differently for yourself, your team and your business.

If there is a specific objective we are going for in the business, the way you execute will determine the successful achievement of your objective. Our work is all about supporting and enhancing you in the way you execute strategy.

Sample Scenario: You need to be inclusive, and are having trouble trusting your key team members.

Imagine that you have decided to let go and step back. However in the past you were let down majorly by a team member who not only failed to deliver results after you backed and supported them, but it impacted your reputation for spotting talent and handing over responsibility.  We identify this past experience and explore how your beliefs around this specific incident affect you now. While you argue that you are over it and it’s a past occurrence, your results and the way you interact with your team say otherwise.  Through the Intercept Experience you unpick and unlock that belief, and develop new strategies, paths and approaches to trust again. You reframe your experiences, learning to reconsider new approaches that enhance support and foster trust. The whole team benefits from this approach. You are clearer in meetings, handing over more responsibility, and uplifting your team. The other team members are inspired seeing more opportunity, they begin to contribute more and results come faster. Morale is up, and team synergy strong. Observing these new interactions instills an even higher level of confidence and you decide to take that overseas trip for a month that the board have asked you to take. You can leave your station with supreme confidence that your team will handle everything the way you expect. This could only have happened through deep dive work, unpacking this hold back at it’s source. You develop a reputation as an inclusive, empowering leader and attract the best talent to your division from other business units.

By breaking through holdbacks and clearing them, we enhance your style and increase the ease with which you lead. Executive Program Outline

Who else has experienced this program?

Here are some brands and leaders within them who have experienced the Intercept Executive Program.

BPS Technology, Bartercard International, Clayton Utz, Cummins, Daimler, Diadem, Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs, Mercedes-Benz Vans,  MTU-Detroit Diesel, New Balance, Outokumpu, Riviera,  Zilzie Wines.  

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