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If you’re a decision maker, looking for resources to expand the minds, hearts and capacities of those around you. You’ve come to the right place.

Our courses and one on one experiences support leaders who in their own way make the world a better place. And before they truly can expand others, they are aware enough to realise they must be clear and effective intercepting any big or small ways they ‘get in their own way’.

We’ve been working with leaders since 1996 enabling them to get clear so they can expand privately, professionally, economically, socially.

 We have an impressive client list, we are often referred and recommended.

Celebrating our 20th year we invite you to join us. Please explore the site, do see,  if our world is a fit for yours.

Explore the idea of attending a live event, have a team member visit you or perhaps book a strategy call with our team.

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Tanya Lacy  – Founding Director – Intercept Experience

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