Our Story


We’ve had the pleasure of supporting the success, dreams and visions of  business leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams since 1996. This is what we do every day.

Intercept Experience

How do we do it? Easily. What are you working on? Is what you’re working on aligned with the true dreams, visions and ideas of success you have deep inside?

What happens when a curious stranger shows up and asks you the right questions? At the right time? In the right way? Questions that can course correct you, back to your true direction.

The Intercept Experience started as a series of conversations that happened between our founder, Tanya Lacy and her first clients. Where she asked “What’s Your Vision?”

Today, Intercept Experience helps business owners, leaders and their teams, understand the power of their own personal stories. Creates a safe space to pause and reflect, then design the future story, whether that be for the leader, the team or the organisation.

Our work is about the pause. We intercept the overwhelm and business of the day, week and year, to recreate. Are you heading in the direction you really wish to head in? Are you working on that which truly, really aligns to your deepest vision?

We’ve developed intellectual property that helps leaders, human resource professionals, executives, and teams simplify the process of learning. Learning to work on that which matters in living into the real story. What story are you living into? Is it your story? Is it someone else’s story? Is it the story the business wants to create? Is it a story that makes you feel proud? That brings you excitement? Fulfilment? Joy? Sense of purpose? If not? Let’s intercept the direction and create the pathway to the story you want to live into. As you, as the leader, as the team, as the business.

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “is this it?” then get in-touch. Chances are you are off path. This is our work. This is how we add value to the lives of the countless executives, leaders and individuals we’ve worked with for the past 20 years.

Unhappy leader, unhappy business. Unfulfilled employee, unfulfilled outcomes. Something missing? We’ll help you figure it out.  Intrigued? Explore the site a little further. Come to an event. Have a conversation with one of our team. No matter where you are in the world. We can connect and help you shape your story.

Our story is all about helping you create yours.




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